In a blink

An article written by John Maisel for East to West ministries encouraging us to live in light of eternity.

The hidden danger of syncretism

GoodSeed explains the hidden danger of syncretism or the mixing of what a person thinks the Bible says with their inherent culture-influenced worldview.

What is Purim?

Though Christians might not be familiar with Purim, they will recognize its origins from the book of Esther. Understanding this Jewish holiday will help in showing the love of Christ to Jewish friends.

Why we must have a substitute

An article by Larry Moyer founder of Evantell proclaiming Christ’s love for us by His sacrificial death in our place.


31 Days to Contagious Living

The purpose of this devotional–to help you live contagious life around non-Christians, a life so different that it causes non-Christians to say, ‘Hey, you have something i don’t. I wonder what it is’. Living Christ at the same time you are sharing Him will give your words greater meaning and impact.

31 Days to Living as a New Believer

Encouraging daily reflection and meditation, each book offers simple yet essential truths for Christian living that will help readers revitalize their lives for Christ and share the Good News with others.

31 Days To Walking With God In The Workplace

This book provides the biblical encouragement and proven know-how to live as a believer in the workplace and to share your faith as a natural outgrowth of relationships with others. This powerful little book can make a difference in your spiritual life and in your relationships with other believers and nonbelievers in the workplace–one day at a time!

31 Days With the Master Fisherman

31 days with the Master Fisherman is designed to encourage all believers to join in the Great Commission to share the Good News and to improve each person’s skills in the greatest fishing expedition of all time.

A Free Grace Primer

A Free Grace Primer makes the Biblical messages of life and of life more abundantly clear and easy to distinguish. These are messages that are much needed given the legalism that pervades Evangelicalism today.

All That the Prophets Have Spoken

“All that the Prophets have Spoken” takes a look at the Bible without referral to Islam or the Quran. With an awareness of what Muslims believe about key prophets, the book examines what the Scriptures say about these men and connects them with the core message of the Bible.

By This Name

By This Name utilizes a seldom-used but solidly biblical method to set apart the God of the Bible from other forms of spirituality, all the while answering two questions: “Who is Jesus?” and “What are the cross and tomb all about?” It establishes the authority of Scripture and gently compares the biblical worldview with other worldviews in an objective, non-arm-twisting way.

Chosen to Serve

In “Chosen to Serve”, Shawn Lazar examines the Biblical evidence and comes to a surprising conclusion: election is vocational. God chooses people, places, and things for service and reward, not for eternal life.

Companions with Christ

Companions with Christ will clarify Hebrews by uncovering its rich truths while helping the reader see how practical and relevant to their lives it is.

Eternal Life

Evantell’s newest 2023 book “Eternal Life” presents God’s message of salvation and the Biblical basis of our eternal security.

Final Destiny

Questions relating to the biblical teaching about salvation, rewards, and the final destiny of man are extensively discussed and biblically explored from a dispensational viewpoint.

Free and Clear

Free and Clear offers believers a thorough understanding of the Gospel message and biblical terms and concepts.

Free Grace Soteriology

The understanding of GRACE among different factions within Christianity depends heavily on one’s understanding of justification, regeneration, sanctification, repentance, faith, and other biblical topics presented in this textbook.

Freely by His Grace

“Freely by His Grace” provides a thoroughly biblical approach to theology, demonstrating how God’s grace remains consistently “free”

Going for the Gold

A study of the many Scripture Passages that describe the Judgment Seat (Bema) of Christ, the heavenly event when Jesus will evaluate the lives of His people.

Growing in Grace

“Growing in Grace” is an easy to read and understand study that grows a believer in their relationship with Christ. No matter how long one has been a believer, the book firmly establishes the Bible as “The Believer’s Nourishment.”

Growing in the Family

Practical and easy-to-follow, this definitive introduction to spiritual growth will help new believers who may be overwhelmed by their new relationship and the pressures of fitting in the Christian life.

Guts of Grace

The Guts of Grace is a jump-start in getting you ready to minister effectively to the Body of Christ. It contains all of the foundational truths you will need to progress toward being a faithful steward of God’s Word and an able servant.

John, Jesus, & Me

John, Jesus, & Me takes you on a journey to discover what it means to have a relationship with God, what it feels like to know His love, and how to stay in a close personal relationship with Him.

Living by Grace

Living by Grace attempts to make the case for grace in every corner of our lives.

Living in the Family of Grace

Living in the Family of Grace answers the need for discipleship materials grounded in the grace of God. Those who use this workbook will gain a clear understanding of what it means to be saved eternally, how to live their new life in God’s family, and what commitments are involved in becoming devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Position and Condition

Nothing in our Condition can ever change our Position, but a focus on our Position can radically improve our Condition. That’s what Ephesians is all about. For anyone who has wondered how he can be one of God’s children and still be so far from being like Jesus, this is the book for you. As you read it, may your changing Condition come into even closer conformity to your unchanging Position.

Relationship and Fellowship

God’s way of relating to children has always been in terms of relationship and fellowship. Our relationship with God can never be lost but our fellowship varies with our faith and obedience.

Share Christ in the Workplace

Whether they are turning workplace conversations to spiritual matters, answering questions of unbelieving co-workers, or just performing their jobs as a representative of Christ, readers will be encouraged and equipped to present the gospel with clarity and simplicity.

Show Me How to Share the Gospel

Introducing Jesus Christ to someone is not only the most important thing you could do for them, but also the most personally rewarding thing you could do for yourself. Even if you think evangelism isn’t for you, this step-by-step resource shows you how to start and nurture an evangelistic life-style.

Simply by Grace

God’s grace is not only the key to becoming a Christian, but also the key to the assurance of salvation and living in freedom to serve God and others.

Tales of the Tribe

Tales from the Tribe is a missions-focused devotional book that will inspire, challenge, and educate you through incredible true stories that come to life from the jungle to your home. Get ready to see, feel, and even taste what it’s like to be a missionary living in a tribal village.

The Captive and the king’s will

Following the life of Simon Peter, The Captive and the King’s Will guides the new believer into the next steps of what it means to follow Christ. Assuming the reader has little or no previous exposure to church or Christianity, The Captive endeavours to touch on key sanctificational truths, grounding believers in their new-found faith as they pursue a walk with the Lord.

The Faith that Saves

A penetrating examination through exegetical precision, concerning the nature of faith.

The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus

The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus gives a solid overview of the main message of the Bible. It ties together key Old and New Testament stories to reveal the identity of God and the nature of sin, all the time answering two questions: “Who is Jesus?” and “What is the story of the cross and the tomb all about?” It helps a person understand clearly the main message of Bible.

Welcome to the Family

This handbook will lead believers step-by-step into a thorough understanding of the Gospel message. Practical and easy-to-follow, this definitive introduction to spiritual growth will help new believers who may be overwhelmed by their new relationship and the pressures of fitting in the Christian life.


Leading Grace

In this podcast, your host, Grant Hawley, discusses the Bible and various issues in ministry and theology with Free Grace leaders around the world. 

Saving Grace

Saving + Grace: Living in Light of God’s Love.

Transformed 365

Transformed 365 is a ministry dedicated to helping believers grow in relationship to Christ through a process of learning as disciples.


Whaddo you Meme??

Making sense of life by breaking down culture’s leading voices and events, with the intent to help you grow spiritually, grow in your understanding of others, and grow in your understanding of the Gospel’s meaning for your life.