For the Next Generation Conference

FGA 2021 International

Plenary Sessions

Plenary Session 1 – Jeremy Vance: Preach the Word!

Plenary Session 2 -Merritt Johnston: Grace Under Pressure

Plenary Session 3 Dave Anderson: The Nature of Faith

Plenary Session 4 Sandra Glahn: The Fantastic Five – What the women in Jesus’s genealogy reveal about the grace of God

Plenary Session 5 – Kevin Butcher: As I Have Loved You (John 13:34-35)

Plenary Session 6 Mark Haywood: Truth to the Next Generation

Plenary Session 7 – Grant Hawley: Unity without Uniformity: A Theme from Paul’s Letter to the Romans

Plenary Session 8 – Woody Woodward: The Grace Commission (Matt 28:18-20)

Plenary Session 9 – Thomas Beavers: Leadership for the Next Generation with extended worship and Trophy of Grace

Plenary Session 10 – Fred Chay: Mentoring with the Mindset of the Master

Plenary Session 11 – Jacob Smith: Moved with Compassion: The Power of Understanding God’s Grace

Plenary Session 12 -Scot Pollok: Now and Next? The Present and Future Stewards of the Gospel and the Church among Millennials, Gen Z and Beyond



Jeremy Mikkelsen: From the Frontlines – Reaching & Teaching the Next Generation


Ed Underwood: Church Health and the Next Generation

Michael Janssen: Why Don’t Millennials Go to Church?


Joe Wall: A Grace Response to Calvinism’s TULIP