Grace, Salvation, and Discipleship

Grace, Salvation, and Discipleship

Authors: Charles Bing
Published: 2015

Many Bible passages are difficult to understand, especially when it comes to the issues of eternal salvation and following Jesus Christ as a disciple. In “Grace, Salvation, and Discipleship” you will find how to approach over 130 difficult Bible passages. Beginning with a clear understanding of God’s grace and using a unique paradigm of “A Truth, B Truth,” you will discover from the context whether the passage is about salvation or the Christian life.

In this book Dr. Charles Bing will help you to answer the questions:

  • Is becoming a Christian the same as becoming a disciple?
  • Do I have to work to earn or keep my salvation?
  • How many good works do I need to prove I am saved?
  • Can I be absolutely certain I am going to heaven?
  • How should I deal with doubts about my salvation?
  • How does sin affect my relationship with God?
  • How can I have a richer experience of God in this life and the next?

A correct understanding of salvation and discipleship is crucial to understanding the Bible and growing in the Christian life. Only when we clearly understand what God says can we effectively share a clear gospel, be assured of our salvation, and grow in our relationship with Him.