Saving your life Conference

FGA 2023 SE Regional

Sessions 1 & 2
Grant Hawley-“The Bema and Our Ministry of Reconciliation”
Charlie Bing-“Why Rewards Make Sense”

Sessions 3-5
Shawn Wilson-“The Optimal Focus to Run the Race”
Grant Hawley-“Carnal Christians and the Day of Judgement”
Kenny Hodges-“The Day of Christ”

Sessions 6-8
Everett McKibben-“Working for Hire, Motivated by Grace”
Charlie Bing-“Save your Life, Don’t Waste It”
Discussion Panel-Bing , Hodges, Simmons

Sessions 9 & 10
Kenny Hodges-“Suffering Today in Light of Tomorrow”
Charlie Bing-“Planting for a Harvest”