31 Days To Walking With God In The Workplace

31 days to walking with god in the workplace

Author: Larry Moyer
Published: 2010

Where can Christians make the greatest impact for Jesus Christ? In the place where we spend the majority of our time, and form the majority of our day-to-day relationships–the workplace. As construction workers, teachers, businesspersons, healthcare personnel, office or retail workers–all of us have the opportunity to see the workplace not as just a job, but as a calling. Our real “work” is to faithfully serve Jesus Christ. Our jobs are the God provided means to serve Him and to serve others.

31 Days to Walking with God in the Workplace will equip you to see the workplace the way God sees it. Written in a practical, one-month, daily devotional style, this book provides the biblical encouragement and proven know-how to live as a believer in the workplace and to share your faith as a natural outgrowth of relationships with others. This powerful little book can make a difference in your spiritual life and in your relationships with other believers and nonbelievers in the workplace–one day at a time!

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