A Free Grace Primer

A Free Grace Primer

Author: Zane Hodges
Published: 2011

The Hungry InheritThe Gospel Under Siege, and Grace in Eclipse set multitudes free. These books were a match that lit a blaze that still burns brightly years after the author has gone to be with the Lord. These three books are combined under one cover. 

A Free Grace Primer promises to capture the attention of a whole new generation. This work answers the questions: How can I be sure I have everlasting life that can never be lost? What is the relationship between faith and works? How should I evangelize and disciple people? What can I do to gain the Lord’s approval?

A Free Grace Primer makes the Biblical messages of life and of life more abundantly clear and easy to distinguish. These are messages that are much needed given the legalism that pervades Evangelicalism today.

– Back Cover Excerpt

The Hungry Inherit: Explains the distinction between inheriting riches in the life to come and receiving everlasting life. The latter is a free gift received by faith alone. The former is a reward for work done. Thus those who are hungry to please the Lord Jesus Christ and to have His approval will inherit a life of richer service for Him in the Kingdom to come.

The Gospel Under Siege: The message of life which Jesus and His apostles preached is under attack by theologians today. No longer is justification by faith alone truly by faith alone. Theologians go to great lengths to define faith in such a was as to introduce commitment and obedience and perseverance as conditions for everlasting life.

Grace in Eclipse: Deals with the widespread failure in Evangelical circles to understand passages dealing with rewards and champions the power and majesty of the doctrine of eternal rewards.

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