Grace in Community Conference

FGA 2020 International

Plenary Sessions

Plenary Session 1 – Dr. Bob Kerrey: Dealing with Hurtful People

Plenary Session 2 – Juan Sanchez: Free Grace Ecclesiology and Community Diversity

Plenary Session 3 – Dr. Ron Allen: Free Grace and the Torah Home

Plenary Session 4 – Dr. Thomas Beavers: What Grace Looks Like

Plenary Session 5 – Katherine Barner and Dr. Christopher Cone: Matters of the Heart (Katherine Barner) and Grace in Politics (Dr. Christopher Cone)

Plenary Session 6 – Dr. Jody Dillow: Walking Out the Grace Way of Life

Plenary Session 7 – Scot Pollok: Practical Grace Toward Suffering in the Church



Grant Hawley: Let this Mind Be in You

Wade Ebersole: Is God’s Love Real?


Charlie Bing: How to Answer Common Objections to Free Grace

Roger Fankhauser: Living in a Messy World: Free Grace Implications

Jody and Linda Dillow: Walking out Grace in Marriage


Dr. Calvin Pearson: On the Night Before Jesus Died

Linda Dillow: Going Beyond Forgiveness