1. connect

We hope that you will join us in our work to connect and encourage Free Grace leaders and ministries to design, promote, and implement strategies to advance Free Grace truths throughout the world.
Membership first means standing in agreement. Our beliefs are stated in our covenant and we ask that all individuals who wish to join us agree with us on these central issues.  Click here to read the FGA Covenant.

2. Participate

Any alliance is only as strong as the members who participate. In our case participation comes in several veins:

Share Resources

If you have Free Grace resources that you are able to share with the community this is the place to do so.


Like every ministry, fiscal resources are essential in seeing an organization functioning. Our primary costs are for staff who coordinate, honorariums for teachers, and logistics for reaching out with printed materials and gatherings.

Help host Gatherings

One large outreach of the alliance is in regional gatherings where current and future grace leaders connect and network. We also serve local churches by connecting them with Free Grace teachers.

3. Advocate

We are looking for people to become regional representatives to advocate for the Free Grace Alliance around the country and around the world. If you are interested in learning more, start the process with the form below.