Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association

Key Contact: Bob Tebow

Since 1985, there has been an increasing movement of the Holy Spirit in the Philippines. BTEA feels an intense sense of urgency to get the gospel to every Filipino before this great door of opportunity closes.


  • Evangelism. BTEA employs 57 full-time Filipino evangelists. Each man is assigned to a specific area in the Philippines, where he preaches the gospel and conducts evangelistic film showings in his assigned area. The evangelists work with the local churches to follow-up with new believers. They also serve as translators and work with the mission teams.
  • Church Planting. BTEA works with approximately 2,000 Filipino churches a year to plant additional churches.
  • Pastor Training. BTEA hosts periodic conferences in several Asian countries to train pastors and locals how to share their faith with the people in their countries.
  • Orphanage. In 1992, BTEA founded Uncle Dick’s Home, a loving Christian home for orphans in the Philippines. BTEA has paid for 38 of these orphans to attend and graduate from college.
  • Training The Next Generation Of Evangelists. BTEA has exposed hundreds of young people and adults to the mission field through multiple mission trips each year to the Philippines. BTEA has facilitated large yearly summer mission trips to the Philippines since 1994.