Recentered Group

Key Contact: Ed Underwood

We believe grace changes everything,
especially leadership culture and discipleship.

Recentered Group

Many church leaders live lonely and weary lives. We aim to provide practical and down-to-earth resources that will bring transformation and health to your church culture so you can experience the joy of ministry once again. By trusting the resources available in Christ, there is hope for sustainable change.

  • We walk churches through a recentering process rooted in grace that reconnects leaders to the central teachings of Jesus.
  • We help pastors and their teams get back to the priorities that matter most to Jesus.

Our process is biblical—applying the Great Commission and Great Commandment to leadership relationships.

Our process is practical—teachings, exercises, and experiences that release the strengths of leaders while protecting them from their weaknesses.

The Great Commandment to love one another and the Great Commission to make disciples are so central to the life of God’s people that without them the church, no matter how well-organized it may be, is not the church.