Bold Grace

Key Contact: Grant Hawley

We equip people not only to defend grace, but to teach and proclaim it. We train up capable teachers of God’s Word all over the world. As it is now, those who proclaim a works-based gospel dominate international missions (this is not to discount the excellent missions that are occurring; we simply don’t have enough of it). In the end, we need church planters who will establish a foothold for grace in towns and cities all over the world which currently have no local church body proclaiming our security and full assurance in Christ.

Bold Grace Ministries exists to: 

  • Unite believers under the banner of God’s grace (Eph 4:3-6)
  • Share the gospel and aid those who will proclaim it faithfully (Rom 10:14-15) 
  • Increase believers’ confidence in the power of the indwelling Christ (Gal 2:20) 
  • Love without hypocrisy (Rom 12:9a), proclaim the hope of Christ’s glorious kingdom (Rom 8:18-21)
  • Equip the saints to share Christ’s matchless grace and love with others (2 Tim 2:2)