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Articles & Book Reviews


▪   Does 1 John 1:9 Affirm That Believers Teach That Believers Should
    Confess Their Sins?
- by Roger Fankhauser

▪   A Review of Not A Fan: Becoming A Completely
Committed Follower of Jesus - by J. O. Hosler

▪   A Review of Rob Bell's Love Wins - by Jeremy Vance

  Piper's Diminished Doctrine of Assurance - by Phil Congdon

▪   James 2:1 - Question or Command? -  by J.L. Phillips

▪   Free Grace Theology is NOT Easy Believism - by Bruce Bauer

▪   Responding to Lordship Salvation - by J.O. Hosler

▪   The Grace Life - by Charlie Bing

  Driven - by Bruce Bauer

   Free Grace Theology - by Paul Benware

  Counseling Carnal Christians - by Fred Chay

   Is The Sinner's Prayer Essential for Salvation? - by Larry Moyer

   Know Enough - by Larry Moyer

   Lordship Sanctification - by Fred Lybrand

  Piper's Diminished Doctrine of Assurance - by Phil Congdon

  Teaching Teenagers from a Free Grace Perspective - by Robby

  The Salmonella Supper - by Mike Halsey

  Thoughts on Socialism, Equality, and Need - by Charlie Bing

   Why Lordship Faith Misses the Mark for Discipleship - by Charlie Bing

  A Review of Radical - by Roger Fankhauser

  Balanced Love: A Review of Francis Chan's Crazy Love - by
     Bruce Bauer

   Grace Baiting - by Bruce Bauer

  Free Grace Theology in Africa - by John Correia

  Characteristics of a Grace Based Church - by Charlie Bing

  My Journey to Grace -
by Drew Arliskas

▪   A Gospel with a Hole or a WHOLE Gospel - by Bruce Bauer

Shepherds: Guard your Flocks - by David Kesey