2017 Conference Workshops

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  • Tim Beard:  The Great Commission: Key to the Offered Kingdom
    The Gospel of the Kingdom was sent out to the world through the Apostles following Jesus’ fulfillment of the sign of Jonah to Israel (Matt 12:39, 16:4). The corporate and conditional soon coming of the Kingdom was the hope of all New Testament writers, who also taught individual redemption through faith alone. Maintaining the two biblical “gospels” and two types of final salvation is the best foundation from which to defend the Free Grace gospel for everyone at all times.

  • Charlie Bing:  The Essentials of a Grace Perspective
    This workshop explains the distinctions of the Free Grace message in salvation and the Christian life. It is a good introduction if you are somewhat new to Free Grace or if you have questions. Important issues will be identified and discussed. You will see how and why the message of God’s free grace is crucial to understanding how we are saved and how we should live the Christian life.
  • Fred Chay:   The State of the Union with Free Grace and Reformed Theologies Today
    In this workshop, we will evaluate the attacks on Free Grace theology in the recent years and introduce some of the recent resources that have been produced to counteract Reformed theology. Special emphasis will be given to Dr. Wayne Grudem. Speakers will include Drs. Jody Dillow, Dave Anderson, and Fred Chay.
  • Phil Congdon:  Churches that Abandon Grace: How to Avoid Theological ‘Bracket Creep’
    Too many churches with a free grace heritage are slipping into theological confusion. The pastor leaves, replaced by a pastor without clear ‘grace’ convictions. How can we help congregations to hold to grace? This workshop will suggest ways, and invite other suggestions.
  • Jeremy Edmondson: Unconventional Evangelism
    Christians would agree that sharing the Gospel is paramount, being mandated in the Word of God by the Lord Jesus Himself. But what we find fearful are the methods that are being encouraged for us to utilize in getting this task accomplished. This session will be an open forum dialogue where participation and interaction will aid in helping us all to come up with fresh and original ways of doing evangelism. Come prepared to share, listen, and learn!
  •  Emily FankhauserThe Church as a Hospital- A Brief Understanding of Trauma, and How the Free Grace Church Can Be a Place of Safety
    In a world in which more people suffer from trauma in their lifetime than people who do not, the church must be creative in ways to seek out and befriend the wounded. Many churches’ own doctrines do not allow for open enough doors to allow in the wounded for safety. This seminar will look at how trauma affects the minds of those who experience it, how Free Grace doctrine is a message of hope to those wounded, and practical ways your churches and institutions can actively seek out and love those who have experienced trauma.
  •  Roger Fankhauser:  Storm Proof Men: Sexual Purity for Christian Men
    Christian men struggle with sexual purity. Grace theology offers a unique approach to dealing with this topic. Sexual sin does not mean the person lost their salvation or that they were never saved in the first place. This workshop summarizes the new book, Storm Proof Men, which describes how men can bring that grace to bear and enjoy sexual purity. 
  • Ray Isbell:  Faith and Assurance: A Common Sense Second Look.
    Many in the Free Grace Community embrace the notion that Assurance is the Essence of Faith. They will add that if you aren’t sure, you haven’t believed (exercised saving faith).  Is this true? As we take the gospel to the world, are we going to insist that those who hear us be sure of their faith before we tell them they are saved?  Will we tell them they are not saved if they are not sure? Is assurance possible without all the facts/evidence? (Who has all the facts?) This workshop will examine this topic and offer an alternative view that says assurance is not immediate, but develops over time as we learn and see the truth of God’s word unfold as we grow.
  • Dan Lash:  Undoing the Damage of the False Gospel Influences Who Have Beaten Us to the Mission Field
    Most of us who have preached in third world countries are saddened to discover that false gospel influences have beaten us to the mission field.  Most of the Pastors we are going to be teaching have already been established in a counterfeit Gospel and all the other error which stems from it.  Before we can get these people on the right track, some fundamental errors have to be corrected.  This presentation will focus on how to correct this problem and get these people rooted in grace.
  • Mike SullivanFacing Present Day Realities in reaching Least-Reached People Groups of the World
    This workshop gives an overview of major obstacles in reaching untouched people groups – including political, geographical, religious, cultural, and linguistic stumbling blocks as well as exploring opportunities among displaced peoples, a major reality in today’s chaotic world.
  • Joe Wall: The Great Commission and the Lordship of Christ
    Description:  The Great Commission is Jesus’ command to spread His authority (Lordship) to every nation (ethnic group) around the world.  We will be discussing the implications of Jesus’ Commission statements and the examples of gospel presentations in the Book of Acts for the current “Lordship” debate. Input and interaction from those attending will be welcomed and appreciated